Radio Frequency Micro-Needling

What is Radio Frequency Micro-Needling?

RF Micro-Needling combines micro-needling with radio frequency heat energy to amplify collagen and elastin production. Micro-needles are inserted into the skin and heat is delivered between the needles to achieve this. Both treatments require a series of treatments for best results and can be safely used on multiple skin types and tones.

RF treatments usually cause a few hours to one day of minimal swelling, which is very attractive to those with busy lifestyles. In addition, whereas laser resurfacing cannot be safely used on darker skin, micro-needling RF can serve as a safe alternative.

 Radio Frequency  heat that helps to resurface your skin, improve its quality and provide lasting results. Minimally-invasive and FDA-approved, this treatment will help repair skin damage and aging.

This technology impacts the deeper layers of your skin and by creating small micro-lesions, triggers your body’s healing response. The healing response tells your skin to produce increased amounts of collagen to heal your skin. Collagen is a building block of your skin’s structure and an increased amount will help your skin become firmer and lifted. This stimulation will create impressive correction in your skin’s surface. A few days after your treatment, you will notice rejuvenated, smoother skin.