Laser: Hair Removal

From gentle to Intense light therapy hair removal procedure produces a high intensity light, the energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment melanin which gives hair its color. The hair absorbs the filtered light and transfers it to the hair cells that in turn are converted into heat. The heat denatures the cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth. Average 6-8 treatments are needed for best results.

Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for excess hair or general hair removal. A laser is used to target the hair in the problem area and the pigmentation in the individual strands of hair that is contained within the follicles absorbs the laser energy and heat, while leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

It’s worth noting that laser hair removal is dependent on there being pigmentation within the hair follicles itself. Therefore, white or grey hair follicles respond poorly to this treatment and electrolysis may be worth considering here.

Laser hair removal is great for both men and women. It can be performed on any area of the body except the delicate eyelid region, and is most commonly used to remove hair in the armpits, on the legs, arms, bikini line and on the upper lip. On men, the back, chest, and shoulders are also areas that are commonly treated.