Face & Body Sculpting

The fat elimination is increased by the simultaneous use of external and internal pressure on the adipose tissue.
TriLipo DMA – Dynamic Muscle Activation, causes muscle contractions that push up the fat cells.  The fat cells are pressured towards the lower parts by the pressure emits by head which is applied to the skin surface.

The effect of “squeezing” causes drainage of liquid fat from the fat cells to the extracellular space.
The RF TriLipo dermis, causing collagen contraction, contributing to the immediate tension of the skin.

Simultaneous radio wave heating of tissue accelerate the metabolism of fibroblasts and fiber regeneration, giving your skin lasting lifting effect.

What results can be achieved by performing TriLipo Maximus procedure on face? Tri Lipo Maximus is a medical device which strongly affects the collagen fibers by the tripolar radio frequency waves.  Radio waves heat the tissue, causes contraction of collagen fibers, giving a long-lasting effect of lifting and skin tightening. Patients suffering of the double chin and an excessive obesity at the face are obtaining very good results.  Even after the first treatment the patient can observe reducing of the thickness of body fat, especially during combination with the DMA-RF Dynamic Muscle Activation.  Stimulate the face muscles stimulation is mostly effective during skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation.