Laser: Acne Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, is a laser treatment that is used to treat a number of different conditions, but it is very effective in the treatment of sun damage, pigmentation, and the redness caused by acne. IPL is effective at full facial rejuvenation and is often referred to as a “photofacial” or “photorejuveation”.
IPL can improve the overall “look” of the scar by reducing the redness or making the overall skin tone more “even.” IPL treatment cannot repair the scar itself. For example, some acne will leave the skin red or discolored. IPL can help improve these types of epidermal changes from acne or acne scarring.


Laser: Hair Removal

From gentle to Intense light therapy hair removal procedure produces a high intensity light, the energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment melanin which gives hair its color. The hair absorbs the filtered light and transfers it to the hair cells that in turn are converted into heat. The heat denatures the cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth. Average 6-8 treatments are needed for best results.


Laser: Hyperpigmentation

If you ask most people what they would most like to improve about their skin, the answer will usually involve making the skin tone more even, clearing the complexion of flaws and imperfections. The ideal look for naturally healthy skin is a clear radiant even skin tone. When the skin is clear of blemishes it projects a natural healthy radiance.

Skin pigmentation can take the form of freckles, age spots or larger patches of discoloured skin. The most common form is hyperpigmentation, which is the excess production of the skin pigment melanin, appearing as localised patches, which are darker than the surrounding skin. The patches are typically non-raised, as the hyperpigmentation occurs beneath the top layer of skin.

Pigmentation can be caused by excess sun exposure, injury, post-inflammation/acne or hormonal changes. Laser and IPL treatment can help to reduce the appearance of many forms of pigmentation.
Laser and IPL can improve the appearance of:

  • Darker patches
  • Freckles
  • Age Spots / Lentigines 
  • Sun spots
  • Some brown birthmarks
  • Marks left from scars

Advanced Med. Facial

  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Tone and Remove Brown Spot
  • Improve Skin Texture
  • Reduce Acne
  • Control Oily Skin
  • Minimize Pore

Most effective Hydo-facial
system assisted with 6 other
technologies that complements
to offer the best results in a fast
and convenient way.

Using three different serums to achieve the best hydo facial treatment:

  • Lactic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid and Glycolic
  • Oligo Peptides and Epidermal growth factors (EGF) for repair, rejuvenate and elasticity.