Mole Removal

Having moles is very common, with most moles developing throughout early childhood and into the young adult years. It’s also normal for moles to slowly shift in appearance over time, with gradual color changes or showing new hair growth. While most moles are harmless, keeping a close eye on moles and other dark patches on the skin to note any sudden changes is an important part of skin cancer treatment and prevention. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of a mole, or if you’re concerned that changes in a mole’s appearance could be serious, you may be a candidate for mole removal from our practice.

Understanding Moles
Moles, known by the medical term nevi, are simply clusters of cells with darker pigment than the rest of your skin. Normal moles are a common growth, either flesh colored or brown, that appear in the first few decades of life. They can either be flat or elevated.

Some people are born with moles, while other moles appear over time. Sun exposure may play a role in the developments of moles and an even greater contribution in the development of atypical or dysplastic nevi.

Atypical nevi often can be confused with malignant melanoma; however, not all unusual-looking moles are something to be concerned about.  That’s exactly why a close consultation with your Doctor is so essential, so you can know without question whether or not to be concerned about a mole’s appearance.